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название МИСС ТРИ

Miss Understanding / I Miss Understanding

We are not only surrounded with standards we are also blocked with dividing the world by nationalities, religions, genders, placing humans in position of enemies to each other. We are blocked in rules : "if you are this - you are doing that". I was thinking about how people think the pig is a really hated thing, and Muslims are really brought up to hate pigs and find them really offensive in every way. But the Koran just says don’t eat pork, it doesn’t say anything about hating the animal because it’s still a creature of God. And so I was kind of playing on that. Trying to make pig as another object. We see so many muslims wear fashionable brands made out of pig leather. It’s a comment on the difference between culture and religion and people get the two confused, I think.
It’s definitely about what you see on the outside, and what’s actually on the inside. And I think it’s not about displaying and showing everyone that I can wear a hijab so I’m a good Muslim. It’s about what you believe in your heart, I think. But you know many people would disagree with that, so…We misunderstand a lot at this point of difference, we missing the meaning of inner believe and meaning is to achieve the level of being free from stereotypes and reach the meaning of life, which is in the Complete freedom.

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Константин Сергейчук 11.10.12

Жаль, что живу в России, может быть в другой стране, мне мой родной язык был бы доступней(

Виталий Ачча 22.06.12

Пит аван!