архив 2012


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город г. Санкт-Петербург
регион г. Санкт-Петербург
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название МИСС Е

Miss Earth / I Miss Earth

Referring to old fairy tale about gold fish, i come up with the question of true wishes for life. Being happy is not easy, when things which looks right for you, are not always socially accepted, not in trend for this season A/W 12/13. We need to learn how to separate wishes from reality to avoid social mistakes….but do we really need it? We think too much instead of doing things to fake wishes for true reality. The world will facing you, if you learn thinking for good. The universe around is the reflection of our own's thoughts.... let yourself think about your own life and then u can judge about the life using your intellect...Our life is a wonderful journey…we are going to wash out all bad karmas from past and going to pile up good karmas...this life is a chance for us to improve further and helping human community on this earth to a great extent...

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Герман Роберг 02.09.12

русский текст не влез?
А так всё очень интересно